How to move forward with your life.

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I am hearing from so many sources so many elegant pieces of advice, usually with a number attached. Maybe they are useful for you, maybe not quite so.

They are useful, if they are universal or if they correspond to the life stage you currently go through.

If however, you catch yourself experiencing strong negative emotions that keep holding you back in some way, this short read may serve as a suggestion what to do about them.

It is a part of a series of articles where I’m reporting a case I came across with one of my clients. I…

A girl resisting a temptation by Zuzanna Jura

What happens when we give in to temptations — and the most common ways to resist them.


We all wish to accomplish different things in life. And we all have problems that make it difficult for us. They have many faces, they have many names: distractions, desires, temptations, procrastination and “if thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires” (Epicurus).

Wilhelm Hofmann (Hofmann et al, 2012) makes a distinction between desires, which just distract us from our current task, and temptations that are directly counterproductive to our goals. Desires and temptations are both affectionately charged motivations towards a certain object, person or activity that is associated with pleasure…

Moze tu by pasował ten krótki quote z mcgonigal co go masz w tamtym artykule:

By keeping you from immediately following your impulses, the pause-and-plan response gives you the time for more flexible, thoughtful action.

Same with Netflix as an example: no credits shown at the end — instead next episode plays automatically etc

Ppl to feel loved first need to be noticed (Buber)

And they will never reoccur…..and then u f die :)

Nie wiem czy tak od razu można zrobic closure?

U pacjentów w większości na samym dnie jest lek

On life procrastination and DEADlines

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I turned 50 two months ago, and my country's statistics say I have more or less 24 years ahead of me. I am talking about life expectancy.

“A life expectancy is just an average period of time you might expect to live based on assumptions about mortality rates. It’s entirely possible that you could live well beyond your calculated life expectancy — or fall well short. Using statistical terms, the “standard deviation” around calculated life expectancies is quite large.”

If the standard deviation around life expectancy is eight years, then 71% of men in Poland…

Wojciech Jura

I coach on and via zoom on I cover Positive Productivity — my clients get more productive with respect to mindful well-being.

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