If you’re stuck, it’s not always your fault.

How to move forward with your life.

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What if there was an explanation for these types of thoughts…

These processes running in the background are fear-based beliefs that we use to make sense of what happens in our lives. When your fear-based beliefs are triggered, you react emotionally according to your conscious and unconscious memories.

Would you agree that in order to move forward, you need to leave something behind?

The only criteria most of us have for what we should pursue is what pleases us in the moment. It makes sense from the evolutionary perspective: the things that gave us pleasure — such as food, sex, conserving energy in resting — also allowed us to survive as a species. Freud called it the pleasure principle, Frankl called it the will to pleasure.

How to place limiting beliefs in the light

One way to start the process would be to find out “how your parents cared for you when small, whether through your own memory or by asking those who witnessed it or by analyzing the way you relate to others today.” O. James

It is not your fault

If we have unmet needs which weren’t satisfied in our childhood, they have a huge impact on how we perceive reality. They contribute to our suffering and inhibit our natural tendency to move forward in our development. They are like brakes on our path to self-actualization and make it difficult to understand where our life purpose lies. O. James in his book “They f*** you up” blames our parents for not doing their homework. A poem placed in the beginning of the book may serve as the summary of James’ thesis:

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